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The Health Benefits of Rebounding on a Mini Trampoline

Rebounding, or bouncing on a mini trampoline, is a fun physical activity that often feels more like play than exercise. Yet, it is an integrated, whole-body exercise that is gentle on the muscles, joints, and bones. More than a fun activity, rebounding offers numerous health benefits: improved heart health, stronger muscles, more flexibility and balance, and better health at the cellular level.

A mini trampoline — also known as a rebounder, exercise trampoline, jogging trampoline, or trampette — can be used indoors or outdoors, as part of any workout regimen. Mini trampolines do not give a high rebound like traditional recreational or competitive models, but they do provide a comprehensive workout that is safe for anyone.

Rebounding For Cardiovascular Fitness

Rebounding on a mini trampoline for forty minutes a day, at least five times a week, can prevent the development of heart disease. Depending on how vigorous the bounce and how high the lift, rebounding’s aerobic effect can equal that of running.

Rebounding exercise oxygenates the heart and strengthens it in two distinct ways. First, it improves the tone of the heart muscle itself. Second, it increases the coordination of fibers responsible for pumping blood through the heart.

mini trampoline health benefitsRebounding For Muscle Tone

Although rebounding is gentle to muscles and bones, it very effectively strengthens them as well. In fact, rebounding exercise brings the whole muscular-skeletal system together in a unique way. Trampoline exercise teaches muscles and bones how to function dynamically.

Weight training and bodybuilding builds strength one muscle (or one muscle group) at a time through isolated, repetitive movements. Rebounding for muscle-building is a concentrated exercise that works several muscles at once. Rebounders provide cardiovascular and muscle-toning workouts at the same time, teaching all parts of the body to work together. Using small ball weights while jogging in place increases the muscle-building effect of rebounding workouts.

Rebounding For Balance

Improved flexibility and balance are additional benefits of a mini trampoline workout. Muscle-strengthening exercises generally end with shorter muscles and compressed joints, which translates into less flexibility. Rebounding gives people a slight stretching workout that results in less joint compression and more flexibility.

Rebounding is also great for balance and coordination. Whether it involves bouncing on a trampoline, jogging in place, or performing various movements while jumping, rebounding teaches coordination and improves balance.

Rebounding For Cellular Health

Physical exercise on a mini trampoline benefits the lymphatic system, too. Lymphatic fluids affect every cell in the body, delivering nutrients and removing waste products. Unlike the circulatory system, which depends on the heart to pump blood, lymphatic fluids require physical activity to move.

Exercise increases the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body, and vigorous rebounding can increase this movement by up to 30 times. Lymphatic fluids attack germs, such as viruses and bacteria, to strengthen the immune system. People who rebound experience fewer colds, intestinal viruses, and other illnesses. Rebounding also improves tissue repair, controls blood pressure and cholesterol, and protects against diabetes and other chronic diseases.

While rebounding is a fun exercise that is more reminiscent of play than physical training, it provides one of the best workouts around. It cleanses the body, strengthens cells, builds muscle, reduces pain, and promotes balance. People new to rebounding should start out slowly, bouncing on a trampoline for five to ten minutes at a time. As their fitness level improves, they can increase their exercise intensity or add movements for a more vigorous mini trampoline workout.

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